Weightloss Keto-Challenge 2

So its been a while since I’ve written anything, and that goes for my daily blog as well which has cobwebs in the corners as it too has been stale for many months.

Ill start with where my life seemed to have stalled, Feb 2017, my workplace went into bankruptcy which resulted in a mass layoff, I as well as many others became jobless.

I would say this life change was not just a shift in loss of my employment,  it seemingly crossed and trickled into the very cellular level of my being and fast too. I would never have said I felt depressed, but in a bubble yes, and Im still there in many ways, still unemployed that’s for sure.

Prior to this life shift I had progressed to a weight loss of 80 lbs on the LCHF WOE, I give full credit to God for this by the way. My entire family all lost weight which I’m sure I had mentioned in a previous post. During the following months I halfheartedly tried to continue with my weight loss however I was also thrift store shopping as I adorned my new body with cloths that had not fit me for 10 years, was welcomed into a world of karaoke singing which I over indulged in and would say at this point of my weigh loss success I didn’t feel an urgency to continue dieting in such a strict LCHF manner, so I unintentionally went into maintanance mode as my losses stopped and I could not seem to kept off 1 pound more after February, so I stopped tracking at some point there after although still keto eating most days but having lots of cheats in between.

forward to today, 7 mths later and guess what happened? Well I maintained my loss, which to me is an amazing success, not sure if any other diet I ever tried was so successful in maintanance without a lot of attention to popping supplements etc. I will be honest in saying my weight staggers up  3-5 lbs up every other day, and goes down a couple (occasionally) however overall I’m very impressed, pleased & hopeful that when I do eventually get to my goal weight that I will be able to also maintain that loss.

So yesterday was day 1 for me, my weigh in had me 4lbs over my last lowest weight of 80lbs , which as I said Im not too worried about as I gained it honestly with Curry, nan, roti, pizza and who knows what else as I tried to release myself from all the possibly temptations I felt wold be gnawing away as I shunned my one loved foods over the next 4mths.

So I took pics, began a new My fitness pal account as I could not remember my acct details of my last one, 7mths is a long time, tracked almost everything I ate keeping at 18 carbs for the day ( my goal is strict loss keeping carbs at 20 carbs or less a day.

Day 1 late….or Day 2 would be when I failed..or should I say stumbled, its okay though Im fine with it as I will be gentle & kinder to myself these early days as I gear down for this challenge.

What happened is I went out for a cpl cocktails (white wine is fairly low carb) and having resisted my friends fries at the pub I still ended up eating some yogurt at 2am when I arrived home,  which when added to the 2 glasses of wine I consumed definately brought me over my 20 carbs a day limit…at least I didnt give into the frys.

Keeping with my plans for this journey and as part of my last success I also plan to use intermediate fasting 16:8 in combo with my strict low carb eating, I know this practice by far is an amazing tactic for losing weigh while on a LCHF strict challenge, so right now Im friggin stravinggggg..as today I have to fast till 6pm, as that 2am yogurt betrayed my hope for having lunch, my bad.

Anyhow just a couple more hours and I| will bask in the glory of fathead pizza, salad & who knows what else, as I will likely eat up all 20 carbs in this meal as I try to reset my schedule & plan for lunch tomorrow.


Overall Im excited.


New goal is to lose 50lbs by January 1st, 2018. I have one or two of my friends who also will be challenging themselves with me, so wish me luck!
























































Still chugging & chipping away….

I am not the type to give up but I can honestly say something has been going on with my motivation and incapacity to keto this past January.

I want to but really blame it on Christmas as I really didn’t go off plan too much during December although I also struggled then too., but I

Maybe I have been getting Keto lazy…

Image result for lazy

What I really mean by that is that I now know how to hop in & out of keto fairly quickly and seem to have allowed myself a cheat a week as a reward, but fact is…Im not a puppy, I’m only cheating my health.

I have paid for that too of course. My weight had staggered up 5lbs down 3lbs up 2 down 4 all darn month, of course. Despite this I have still lost  a total of 8lbs, adding that to my teenie tiny weight loss in December totaling 11lbs in two months. Sad and not too  Image result for tragic.

But I can do better!

Tragic would be gaining in my books…which again is a likely a flaw in my thinking!

This month I vowed to stay Keto …to myself I take this oath!!

and then last night an evil teenager left a bag of chocolate covered almonds on the table .

Sometimes I cant even stop myself, especially when dealing with chocolate..my weakness!

I quickly pooped a small handful of those delicious mounds of happiness into my watering mouth stopping at 4 ( and only because they were my sons or his girlfriends)..soooo damned good!

I read he back of the bag as I chomped down in pure heavenly bliss. I really couldn’t determine how many carbs were in the 4 I munched on however the bag stated in 23 carbs 1/4c .. unfair and definitely ambiguous.

Still in my heart of hearts, I know I went over those 20 carbs a day I allocated as my limit to stay in keto. Im still okay with that as I see my weight has dipped down at least another 3lbs already this week. I would hate for that to go up again…so hate that..but it is what it is!

So to date Im now down 82 lbs…still pretty frigging awesome for 9 months if LCHF :)..sadly it should be 90…opr more ..but Im pretty happy considering before Keto I could get 10lbs off.

Till next time…wish me courage & sensibility please!!!

My extended Fast & new New Years Resolution in my LCHF lifestyle

My last post I was oh so excited about that crazy fast I was on.

Try it I said to myself, you’ll hit a new level of self control I said, those hunger pains will go away they said ….you will be just fine..I said…look at you go girl! go girl, go girl gooooooo…

So I did it…I fasted for 85hours…before you applaud…read on!

Fireworks theme

I read about how the intestines do a near shut down , stomach shrinkage etc etc…after 3 days that is..and I also read that slow introduction to food was best…this I pondered and wasn’t sure what would happen after I ate finally…uh hummm… I know now.

Having done minimal research and some light reading about reintroducing food ..as I came away with were some mixed messages and how I should reintroduce food lightly…

So here I was …ready to reintroduce food…yes!

I served myself my first meal…a light vegetable broth ( bouillon cube really)  just around noon that day .

Next I followed that with some plain greek yogurt and berries which I ate while in traffic on my way to meet my work colleagues….so I did read about berries..yet was still kinda confused about the dairy..so I did ate it anyway. Damn it tasted gooood!!

You know still     s-l-o-w   &   e- a – s-  y

as “they” said…..thats the experts of course ( not the voices in my head  ) .  Image result for voices in my head


I went to a lunch buffet…Image result for buffet jerusalem restaurant

Certainly ….certainly not the best laid plan..especially for my first near 4 day fast….

Did I hear you say…what a trooper????

Well truth is..what a pooper fits the bill better..haha. I barely made it home that day after lunch before spending urgent, quality time as the queen of the throne. True Story.

Yup..it was not good…not at all. And I do mean ma tum tum..not the buffet of course ( that was truly tasty.)

I know …dumbass may be the word that comes to your mind, it was in mine.

I just didnt know how to do the Christmas lunch thing with my colleagues . They know Ive lost a pile of pounds..and I felt all eyes were on me that day…ohhhh the pressure…

…and while I agree a buffet was not the best choice…. my disclaimer is I didnt pick it and I had to go..it was a work thingy.

Yes…I really did eat light…salads, some veggies…one teenie tiny square dessert…but certainly wayyy too much having not eaten from Sunday to That Thursday…This I now know.

Some life lessons are best experienced, or so I read….

and yes …I have learned something special…

Ill never do an 85hour fast again followed by a buffet

not without the comforts of my toilet at hand……………………………….no thats not it..

What I really learned is that those people who say to introduce food slowly are right..and what that  means is that as slow and as long as the fast …so yes another 4days ( 85hrs) of reintroducing gentle foods…think baby food my dear people..and as much as a skinny baby would eat…not a well fed baby, at least thats what Im thinking.

Ahh yes..welcome 2017.

The irony is although I did loose some poundage during that fast of 85hrs, the slippery slope of the holidays still tempted me often enough to put back on 5lbs.. but Im still okay with that.

73lbs down and a new improved attitude and sense of goal orientated motivation will keep me moving down in that scale through this year..I just know it..and I cant wait!

The me I used to be has begun to emerge from this long decade of sleep…I see shoulders that look almost average (ish) ..a collar bone trying to get some attention..and a jawline that is well…a jawline..enough said…yes its happening!!!

To kickstart 2017 and this week I’m intermediate fasting dinner to dinner 3 days then back to the 16:8 daily fast which Ive pretty much been practicing since I started this journey.

I also hope to keep my fitness pal updated too.. My goal is to reach 100lbs loss by May 1st 2017, a year after I began this life saving way of eating.So 25pounds will make me happy..I can and will do it!

Thank you again Doctor Fung…you really changed my life. Oh yeah and you too God :).


Hungry Katz






Fasting & now its Week ??…Darn Ok So its been awhile I know.

Image result for cartoon fasting


You know I had amazing intentions back in September ish when I began the LCHF Keto challenge to ensure I logged every week. I felt strong…wanted to log it all..my journey ….




YES! The world must SEE. 

Image result for cartoon google eyes

and then she woke up!

For a short while I actually plugged my data info into my fitness pal everyday, and even for a while after that I felt sane, pulled together and organized. Well that ended with my part time studies for my BSW undergrad which also began in September.

Gee who knew two full time university courses, a full time job, a family, several pets ( including a behavior challenged foster dog) and oh yeah a volunteer position would fill all of my time preventing me from blogging?? Go figure!

Yes I overestimated my ability to do many things However the good news with all my struggle is I still got a A &  B in my classes ( which of course I had to lower my standards to feel good about, the B that is). But I did it, school…and yes in terms of my diet…still mostly followed my LCHF lifestyle way of eating.

I had to make some changes in my life. I sadly scaled back on my volunteer position, stopped doing laundry, stopped cooking and ultimately stopped writing in both my blogs for the past two months..at least non academic writing that is, but in between I still researched and learned more info about the LCHF WOE.

I am very happy to announce that as of today I am now 75lbs lighter than I was when I originally started this journey in May 2016. Image result for fireworks cartoon

And not only am I 75lb lighter ( which is so darn, frigging awesome) , my family as a whole are much healthier, and a couple of my friends have also jumped on the LCHF way of eating and are shedding pounds.

My youngest son (15) who was at least 50-60lbs overweight has lost 58lbs..still watching his carbs but holds his head high and has gained a ton of self confidence.

My “fairly in shape” guy has lost about 25-28lbs, now looking leaner than years ago

My oldest (19) has lost 25lbs. ..yet still loves his pasta and is a cook at a pasta house…so still fighting the fight..but not overweight.

Total family weight loss= min of 180lbs...a full grown person !!!

As I again dont have too much time to write, you know (work etc getting in the way) . All  I can say in short is that LCHF eating mixed with IF (intermediate fasting)

is da bomb! Image result for bomb cartoon png



I have not been an angel and have slipped alot, especially lately…I ideally would have liked to be down much more…however I now know that 1-2 bad days do not equal disaster, it simply means “Hey girl lets fast & give your body time to eat all those extras calories and then after that …be sure to refuel properly”. And by golly this works every time. 

Yes I do have to psych myself up to fast….no lie there, however once I get started and see the results I feel amazing, pushing myself a little longer each time I fast to see how I feel & how my body responds. 

I had a rough weekend this past week, Christmas parties etc…not being prepared with ma hunk of cheese to stay full…and was so terrified to see that scale go up as I knew it would of, so  on Sunday I made a decision to fast at least till lunchtime today…bringing me at my longest fast ever of 65hours or so so far this week ( last time I made it to 52 hous).Image result for cartoon fasting

I was planning on “re-feeding” for lunch today but then last night I read something that allowed me think maybe, just maybe I could go a bit longer. I read that after 3 days of fasting, the digestive system slows down, repairs itself and these crazy hunger pangs will go away. Hmmm I thought? Im so close, so why not see if its true???  

Yes I CAN do it.

So here I am..surpassing that 65 hour mark almost 2 hours ago making a run for a longest ever for me “4 day fast goal”, just to see if the hunger really does go away, or change something …after 3 days…which should be around 6-8pm tonight …so we shall see.  

I have to say I feel amazing, but do feel a little hungry right now, also got a little dizzy too a few seconds ago,,maybe dehydrated….maybe its all this blogging about food…that delicious keto LCHF food…yum!   Alright “Focus”,  I feel awesome! 

With more Christmas festivities around the corner I hope to stay keto focused as I am still very keto motivated till the 6mth challenge is over in March 2017, and then maybe longer, who knows.

Im off classes now till mid January 2017, so I may have time to log in after Christmas to update how that was for me & mine. Till then I hope you & yours have a great Christmas & an amazing safe holiday season! 

Image result for merry christmas

Image result for LCHF  merry christmas













Week 2- LCHF Intermediate Fasting Challenge

Well its been one more week of intentional fasting and low carb eating. Week 2 of my challenge and I really do feel awesome! Yes I still went over my 20 carb goal twice which was unplanned however I’m still ok and I wont be kicking myself.

Image result for cartoon donkey kicks

Out of the two times over ( I will not count 1-2 carbs over) my limit I will admit it was an overdo on the nuts. I’m now in love with BBQ peanuts which by the way for the record is not even considered a nut, or so I’ve read, its a legume.

Sept Carbs Fiber Net carbs Goal Carb +/- lost/gain Notes
8 50 20 30 20 10 over  Going Nutz with nutz
9 17 8 9 20 -11  FAST DAY till dinner
10 43 13 23 20 10 over  Peanut Heaven!
11 33 11 22 20 2
12 34 15 19 20 -1 4 FAST DAY till dinner


0.3  lbs

13 31 14 17 20 -3
14 21 8 13 20 -7  FAST DAY till dinner


The three day a week fasting from dinner to dinner isn’t as hard as I thought it would be and I can easily see myself doing this without too much sadness or self-pity as I first thought while self-soothing  “there, there, it will okay, people fast all the time, you will be okay”. I was also super happy last week I seen the scale plunged down 6lbs yeahhhh….however it seems it was short lived as I’ve barely lost a ½ pound this week! I realize water & waste weight has A LOT to do with these dips and waves on my scale so I need to come to terms with that so I don’t let this scale thing make me nutz as its not a true measure.

One thing which also may likely be a prevalent factor is constipation. Ugh, sorry.

Image result for cartoon bashful

Sure I may need to drink more water however my lack of regularity is not new, its actually been an issue for years ( don’t worry I had my pipes checked and we are ok). So last week I thought lets add Fiberrifi to my diet for extra BM support and that did seem to work, for a day or two. Since then the factory has all but gone on strike and shut down , geeze how do we discuss this shitty subject with dignity, hmm.   

This week I broke down and bought Senna capsules for support which is supposed to help produce in 6-12 hours , which sadly has not..tick tock tick tock 2 (3 pill) dosages and 15 hrs later ( taps fingers angrily) . Also I’ve been drinking my Detox Tea which almost always seems to work and still I wait….

Definitely this extra baggage I have will be a factor in not having dropped much weight as well.

Until next time, wish me a safe a speedy…well you know !









Week 1 – Results after new challenge- Wow!

So the results are in….drum roll please!! 

Image result for drum roll cartoon

Having challenged myself to more intense Intermediate fasting with my focused low carb meals for the past 7 days I have to report back that I have had much success!

Total loss for 7days- 6.3lbs

My loss since May ……….47lbs……………………….woot woot!!

I have added a chart to show my carbs/fiber for the past week. I also track on an app called my fitness pal if anyone wants to look closer at what I eat, my ID is CLBrampton.  I usually do a weigh in once a week , but for this post I will do it twice a week during this 6mth challenge. 

From Sept 1st- Sept 5th ( my normal weigh in on Monday) down 2.3lbs, which I was excited about considering I lost 4.1lbs last week.

Then today I weighed in again having completed a 48 hour fast last night from Monday evening- Wed Dinner I again lost another 4lbs exactly! Whoa just in 3days from Monday, awesome!

With my self challenge of 20 carbs or less a day along with 4 -24 hour fasts per the last week I wanted to see if this would change how fast my body burns off my extra cuddle, one answer came in loud & clear – YES!  Dr. Fung & Megan Ramos you are so right about fasting Thanks!! 

Sept Carbs Fibre Net carbs Goal Carb +/- lost/gain Notes
1- Thurs 40 3 37 20 17 Fasted till dinner = total 24 hour fast however overate with extra cauliflower mash & breaded meatless chicken nuggets & tomato paneer curry which was sooo worth it 🙂
2- Fri 19 9 10 20 -10 Fasted till dinner- 2nd 24 hour fast
3- Sat 21 9 12 20 -8
4-Sun 53 13 40 20 20 Again with the cheese stix..love em…but i blow over every time
5-Mon 20 6 14 20 -6 2.3 WEIGH IN – LOST 2.3 lbs – started fast 8pm
6-Tues 3 1 2 20 -18 Fasted all day- just homemade soup broth at lunch, tea & coffee- no add in’s
7-Wed 19 5 14 20 -6 Fasted till dinner– lunch had homemade soup broth again  = total 48 hour fast

Today Sept 8th when I weighed in again I was astounded to see so much more weight gone from Monday…all I can can say is that I hope those extra 4lbs stay off till my usual check in on Monday, time will tell I suppose. I plan another 24 hr fast this evening till tomorrow, Friday dinner.

In terms of my experience with fasting …was it hard, well all I can say is mind over matter & no not really. The homemade soup broth I made was delicious and very filling, surprisingly and much better than just a bouillon cube, ick.  Also as I have been working on keeping a 16:8 hour fast window for the past couple months the longer fasts seem to be getting easier. I was gonna try and fast till today at lunch but last night I gave in as I had a headache and just felt like having food to chew. I was surprised that my spinach salad which I loaded with feta cheese, cheddar cheese , strawberries & walnuts was as filling as it was, I was actually STUFFED after and felt uncomfortable. Next time I will try to eat less or just stick to a more manageable green veg re-feed.  

The only concern I seem to have with the WOE is a lack of fiber and of course not enough protein , which I am really only hitting 1/2 off most days according to the macros I should be maintaining, over 100.

In terms of the fiber I remembered a product I loved from years ago and decided to add it in after finding it at the local health food store. A natural chicory root pwd called Fiberrific which definitely works by the way. Yup..it does.. and as for the protein I just looked up some data and according to this article below Image result for arrow pointing down and it seems I may not have to consume as much protein as my keto macro nutrients state I should,  over 100 grams which is unattainable for me. “The Institute of Medicine recommends women consume 46 grams, men consume 56 grams and pregnant and nursing women consume at least 71 grams of protein each day.” http://healthyeating.sfgate.com/low-carb-vegetarians-proteins-soy-3346.html. I thought , however secretly knew, I couldn’t rely on eggs as a strong protein source as I easily get grossed out on eggs and really should refer to myself more as a lacto vegetarian opposed to an ovo lacto . But Im ok with squeezing them in here & there once my gag reflex resets.

So there it is, success! Forever grateful to God ( who by after someone told me I should write my requests for help in prayer notebook which strangely seems to work for God as he answered my prayer with an article from Dr Fung within a few weeks, thanks God.)

I am also grateful to the amazing LCHF facebook group of over 70,000 members who inspire and motivate me every day, and even to the My Fitness Pal peeps who are travelling similar journeys. 

Only downside, all those damned underwear which keep falling off. 🙂





Challenge almost here!

So it’s just a day away from the “new” challenge I swore myself in to beginning on Sept 1st.  Or I should say the challenge we will be working on as I’ve done my best to surround myself with supporters on this site as well as my personal friend circle whom I’ve shared my current success with who will also be following along in a journey to get healthier, side effect weigh loss.  I’m just as excited as I am terrified.

In the past 3.5 months I have been blessed and I mean blessed in hearing & investigating what turned out to be a low carb highfat way of eating (WOE).

Of course I had my little reality devil whispering in my ear “why set yourself up to fail again”, however having being a person with a stubborn natured personality I thought “well what’s one more try”, all the while self-doubting waiting to affirm my failure once again, but that didn’t happen…not this time.

I used several tools to assist myself in learning about this way of eating (aka diet) and wondered how long I would last. The basis of this plan is to cut out all refined & complex carbs “breads pasta, rice, quinoas” as well as all the sweets and yummy pizza in the world which by the way is my favorite. I swore to myself I would do it, if only for 10 days which is how I started out, a 10 day low carb challenge. Both of my sons were on board while my bread  eating partner had no more worries about who would eat the last slice of bread anymore, making hm very happy, or so he thought!.

After getting past the initial highs and lows ( which almost felt the same a when I quit smoking) and not having sugar in my bloodstream at regular intervals I still managaed to survive the first week with a loss of 8.5 lbs. WOW.

The rest is history really, I’m now down 40.7lbs since May 10th and I am ecstatic!

My soon to be 14yr old having lost 44lbs gets to go to grade 10 with some new self-esteem minus his hateful spare tire that the bullies loved to poke and prod leaving him to turn to more sugar and junk to comfort himself from his shame and self hatred ,  my oldest trimmed off  25lbs ( 5lbs Im sure came off his moobs as he calls them) which is all he needed to lose as well as my bread loving partner finally gave in deciding to all jump on the boat about 6weeks later also losing 15lbs off his fairly trim body.

All the while I lost the first 32-35lbs I didn’t count carbs, track fibre or any of those measurements which I now realize are called macros ( fat, protein & carbs). I did however do my best to fast from evening till morning and on my migraine days I even managed a fast for 36-40hrs without too much discomfort.

 The new goal/challenge moving forward is to stick to a low carb < 20net carbs a day (net carbs are carbs less the fibre) follow the macros recommended for my age & height ( I have a sheet if you want it) and also intermediate fast for longer intervals at least twice a week (24-40hrs if I can), so Sunday evening till Monday dinner or Tuesday breakfast, then once again from Thursday to Friday evening, as well as follow the regular fasting of 16:8 ( 16hours fast: 8 hours to eat basically dinner to lunch or late breakfast) and really pay attention to the breakdown of my macros whih are 70% fat, 5% carbs & 25% protein, which is tuff. I also want to really make sure I meet my fibre intake for the day and potassium to reduce those nasty leg cramps which I admit are less and less.   

I commit to keeping my blog updated at least weekly and filling in my food each day.

There ya go that’s it, wish me luck!